Fortnite Battle Royale tips for gamers just starting ou

There is no way one can deny the growing popularity and appeal of Fortnite. This immersive battle royale game is true challenger to PUBG. However, for the new players, it may appear a little overwhelming. This is actually not without reasons. The game universe is huge and gameplay possibilities are abundant. Every month the developers add new mods and updates to keep the fans enticed and glued. You may need some time figuring out how to get things done-for sure. You can gain by using some handy tips on Fortnite.

Listed below are a number of handy Fortnite tips for the new players:

Fortnite Battle Royale tips for gamers just starting out

  • Locate A Wingman – You can play the game in a number of ways. You may fight single handedly or team up with other players. You can play with another one or 3 players. While the game plot does not change with your choice, the strategy does. In squad and duos modes, you need not worry a lot about health but in solo that does not hold true. So, initially you should play in groups with experienced players. You will get to know where necessary resources and weapons are stored. Just follow their leads and things will fall in place. For a beginner, the solo mode can be harder.
  • The Apt Control Setup – Fortnite is now a cross-platform game. So, the console players are taking part with gamers using PC edition. This puts the console players at the receiving end- to an extent. However, the PS4 players can actually use mouse and keyboards. The Xbox one players are however out of luck. The controller layout gives you 4 options- Builder Pro, Combat Pro, Quick Builder, and Old School. Try each one to see which fits your bills the best.
  • Learn To Set Up Shelter Fast – Fortnite is not only about shooting the enemies and you have to set up a shelter fast. It also helps you stay safe from the sniper using enemies. Learning to build shelter fast makes a huge difference in this game.
  • Have Patience – Fortnite is a game where you aspire to be the last man standing and not the man with highest kills. Of course, you can be aggressive in some situations. When you are in a team setup, you may play somewhat menacingly-aided by the mates. You may engage an enemy to make him fall in the trap. Fast and proper coordination is also a need. Use the game’s inbuilt compass to help the team members spot the hidden enemies and take them down.

Of course, these tips will help you to excel in Fortnite to an extent. However, as you keep playing the game-you will learn a lot of things yourself.